iQniter a European/Danish company was founded in 2011 by the owners of FitPartner and Vivifit.

Vivifit was founded as a software company in 2010 and has developed the software as a cloud based solution since. In 2010/11 Vivifit searched for the right way to market and sell the product. Jørgen A. Nielsen an experienced IT professional innovation manger founded Vivifit, and in 2011 the ownership was extended with Freddie Frydkjær an experienced IT developer.

FitPartner is a Danish distributor of fitness equipment established in 2005 by Peter Frislund Ipsen and Allan Nørgaard. In 2008, FITPartner acquired the distribution rights for Suunto Fitness Solutions (SFS), a software for Cardio Group training. FITPartner established themselves with a very good market position for this software in Denmark with 250 sold solutions, and the solution is installed in more than 2000 clubs around the world. In 2011 Suunto made a strategic decision to focus on outdoor activities that support sales of watches, FITPartner got the rights to market the SFS worldwide, and made a commitment to make their own software that could take over the Suunto customers and free Suunto from their obligations to their customers.

The foundation for iQniter was in place, with the goal to provide a Cardio training solution worldwide. The business is based on Suunto Heartrate belts, a hardware to pick up heartrates from individuals in a group and it integrates with Suunto’s Movescount, a social training page where users can plan, keep track and share their moves.

In 2015 Jens Christian Winther joined as partner providing experience from driving several international business on technology and a long time commitment to training.