How do I download and install DesiQner for Mac
Please follow this guide for download and installation of DesiQner for Mac.

If you have already installed DesiQner for Mac and want to reinstall DesiQner for Mac please follow the unstallation procedure here.
How to troubleshoot my heartrate belt?
Please follow the troubleshooting guide in the iQniter Smart Sensor User Guide.
Heartrate Belt Smart Sensor Troubleshooting
Why does the heart rate freeze or drop out from the group screen?
The reason may be that firewall rules on the iQniter Cardio Training computer are blocking data from the Team Receiver. Please goto the Firewall Advanced settings and check if there are any blocked rules named 'iqniter cardio.exe'.

​Delete any blocked rules named 'iqniter cardio.exe' and restart iQniter Cardio Training. When Cardio Training is starting, you are prompted by the Windows Firewall: Ensure all networks are checked and press 'Allow Access'.

If you do not have access to the computer's firewall settings, please contact your IT administrator.
Cardio Training Firewall Heartrate Freeze Dropout
Why does DesiQner close immediately when started from my Mac ?
Try to reinstall DesiQner on you Mac from here.
​Before you reinstall, besure DesiQner is completely uninstalled from your Mac. Follow this procedure:
  1. Go àApplications: Delete ‘iQniter DesiQner’
  2. Go (press ‘Alt’) à Library: Goto ‘Application Support’ and delete ‘iQniter DesiQner’
DesiQner Mac
How do I uninstall DesiQner for Mac?
Besides, uninstalling the iQniter DesiQner application you also need to remove iQniter DesiQner from the Library folder. Follow this procedure:
  1. Go àApplications: Delete ‘iQniter DesiQner’
  2. Go (press ‘Alt’) à Library: Goto ‘Application Support’ and delete ‘iQniter DesiQner’.
A short How-To video is available here.
DesiQner Mac Uninstall
Does iQniter run on Windows 7?
Yes, but Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installed is a no go. Please update to Service Pack 3. We recommend upgrade to Windows 10.
Win7 Windows7
Cardio Training shows the same screen on Group Screen and Instructor Panel?
Please check that the PC running Cardio Training is setup with Extended screens (not
duplicate screens). The PC monitor must be chosen as the primary screen.
Cardio Training
Where can I download DesiQner?
You can download DesiQner from here.
How can I get in touch with you?
Fill out the Contact Form, and we'll get to you ASAP!
Can Cardio Training or DesiQner run on Mac?
DesiQner is available for Mac and for Windows.
Cardio Training is available for Windows.
Cardio Training DesiQner Mac Windows
I cannot download from iqniter.com?
Please be sure that the download link is correctly spelled (case sensitive).
Where can I find Release Notes?
You can find the latest Release Notes here
Release Notes