Instant Feedback on E-mail

After the session a training report is automatically and instantly sent via e-mail to the participant and a summary report of how all the participants trained is sent to the instructor. This is a great tool for evaluation and an excellent quality assurance tool for sessions and instructors!

The personal report contains information on the time spent in different heart rate zones, maximum and average heart rate, Peak Training Effect, training history, plus more.


iQniter is part of Suunto connected family. If you make an account on Suunto Movescount, then when Movescount ask, you just have to accept that iQniter uploads your training data to Movescount. You are now able to track the history of your moves on your Movescount as an App on your mobile phone (iPhone or Androide) or on the web.

​Remember to use the same e-mail address on Movescount and the one you get your iQniter belt registered for iQniter Cardio training in your fitness center.