iQniter Cardio Training, BiQing software
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Specifically designed for indoor cycling.
An add-on to the BasiQ system that enables playback of cloud-based workout sessions made with iQniter’s DesiQner software.
  • Create a roadmap of intensity and take your members on the ride of their life!
  • Visual session overview – a roadmap of intensity.
  • Visual target monitoring – hit the right zone for the right result.
  • Video feature – advertisements, class intro tutorials and stunning scenery are just some of the options at your fingertips.
  • Music feature – sync the latest hits to the ride to create a choreographed ride that will make members come back for more.
  • Class motivation – work as a team to hit the same heart rate zone or burn a stack of calories.
  • Class competitions – challenge accepted.
  • Instructor cue cards – deliver key information for the ultimate in quality control.


Comprehensive session designer for trainers.

Free standalone instructor planning tool; design the ultimate workout session for playback in real-time.
  • Design custom workout sessions – the only limit is imagination.
  • Unlimited design options - create an unlimited number of stages and steps, each with custom duration, training intensity, rider position, cadence, music and video.
  • Design anywhere - upload to the cloud form any Windows PC and download at the facility, ready to ride.
  • Instructor cue cards – add the detail to set your instructors apart from the rest.
  • Multiple intensity scales – not all rides are created equal.
  • Session sharing – share rides between locations and instructors.
  • Search and reuse workouts – large database of rides ready to roll.
  • Easy design – copy, cut, paste. Let your creative side shine or design a ride to military precision.
  • Great professional development tool for indoor cycling instructors